Do you go around the Thanksgiving table, sharing what you’re grateful for this year? Well, welcome to our table! We asked SEND workers from around the world to tell us what’s on their gratitude lists for 2017. 

“We are thankful for the many kids that we have been able to share the truth of God’s word with, and for the man who has recently started coming to church, and for the growth of our family (Beth is due mid-March)!” — Brandon and Beth, SEND North

“I’m thankful to the Lord for a new camp ministry opportunity that has opened up in the past year.” — Gabe in Russia  

“I am thankful for the life-changing power of Jesus, both in our family and people around us. We have seen deliverance from physical pain, spiritual oppression and emotional struggles. Praise God!” — Jenny with SEND North

“I am thankful for the opportunity to make contacts on two college campuses and to start an English Bible study group for students.” — Naomi Camp Leung in Taiwan

“I am thankful for the amazing team I joined (both coworkers and national partners). I have felt very supported, welcomed, and accepted. God provides.” — C.B. in Russia


“I’m thankful we got to move to a fun village and play outside all the time.” — Anneka, missionary kid in Russia. “I’m thankful for celebrating my sister’s birthday.” — Ella, missionary kid in Russia. Anneka and Ella’s family moved to the village this year in order to live among the Buryat.


“I am thankful for Japanese high school students who became Christians and got baptized for the very first time this year!” — Kevin in Japan

“I’m thankful for wise older (but not old!) women in SEND who come alongside their teammates with words of encouragement and sweet guidance for ministry and for relationships.” — Josie, SEND Communications

“We are especially grateful for the growth and baptism of a young man God sent our way early last year. He has been such a blessing to our church and it is exciting to see him growing in his faith. A new family God sent our way has also been a source of encouragement to us. Church growth is oftens rather slow here in Japan, but we can see God at work and we are grateful! He is worthy!” — Jim & Angela May in Japan

“I’m thankful that God constantly gives strength when I need it!” — Amanda at Faith Academy in the Philippines

“We arrived on the field in January, and it’s been quite a year for us! We are thankful for his peace and grace sustaining us this year through the loss of a baby, the cultural transition, and a long (but temporary!) period of time where our family was apart. Most of all, we’re thankful for the life of our second son, Everett Josiah, born just a few weeks ago!” — Claire in Asia


“We’re thankful for the amazing progress that’s been made on the Missions Resource and Training Center in Ukraine. God has sent us a great team of construction workers who labor hard on this building, even when the weather makes work slippery, so that we will have a central location to train Ukrainians to serve as cross-cultural workers. Pray for their safety!” — Chad and Leanna in Ukraine


“I’m thankful for seasons — not just the changing of the seasons outside but that God takes us through different seasons of life. Even when we face times of stress, or loss, or not seeing much fruit, we can trust that it’s only a season and that God will soon bring a change.” — Amy, SEND Communications 

“I am thankful not only for family, but for people who have become like family to us. How rich our life is because of them!” — Martina in Russia

“I’m thankful for my parents, my brother, and my friends; as well as for teas.” — Lindsay, missionary kid in Taiwan

“I’m thankful for my family, my friends and Jesus. And my dog.” — Jonathan, missionary kid in Taiwan

“I’m thankful for coffee. But seriously — I’m thankful for awesome MK teachers who love my kids and give them an amazing education. I’m thankful for teammates who make me laugh but also help me with their great administrative gifts! I’m thankful for great friends whom I wouldn’t have met in any other context and who keep me sane on the tough days. I’m thankful for a husband who loves me and my kids and who, despite a busy travel schedule, keeps up with our lives and stays engaged. I’m thankful for our extended families back in the US who support us and love us well from a distance. I’m beyond grateful for our team of supporters — many of whom have been with us for almost 20 years! I’m also thankful for Taiwan teas that give me the boost I need in the afternoons!” — Beth in Taiwan

We’re also thankful for you, for reading about and praying for SEND’s missionaries! Joy to you this holiday season.