By a SEND worker in a secure location — Mr. Tu* was a traditional man who worked his whole life selling goods downtown in a large city. He lived with his wife, and one of their sons is a very committed Christian.

When Mr. Tu was 84, he was very sick in the hospital with a failing kidney. His son prayed and shared the gospel with him. Mr. Tu told his son the next day that he experienced peace that is beyond his own understanding after they prayed. His blood pressure also surprised his doctor because it stabilized, and Mr. Tu was allowed to return home.

Mr. Tu’s son asked Mr. Tu if he wanted to accept Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior. To his son’s surprise, without much thinking, Mr. Tu said, “YES!” So Mr. Tu’s son took him to church the first Sunday after he came out of the hospital. He started attending our church’s seniors group and Sunday worship, and was baptized in December 2009.

As his health declined, Mr. Tu had to stop coming to church. We continued to visit him at his home until he passed away in May 2017 at the age of 92.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Over these many years, Mrs. Tu didn’t express any interest in Christianity and she didn’t even came to Mr. Tu’s baptism service in 2009. Whenever I visited Mr. Tu at his home, Mrs. Tu was welcoming and willing to pray with us. I continued to visit Mrs. Tu after Mr. Tu passed away, and I would always pray with her before I left. Mr. Tu’s son also shared the gospel with his mother after Mr. Tu passed away — and surprisingly, she also accepted Christ. But she seemed hesitant to totally part from her former religion. She kept telling me she knew what she had to do, but to just give her some time.

When a typhoon hit her city, Mrs. Tu experienced protection from Jesus in a real way.  She was almost killed by the flood, but she and some of her household things were protected in a miraculous way that she knows must be the hands of God.

When I visited Mrs. Tu a few months after this dramatic event, she told me she wants to be baptized and she’s ready to get rid of all her idols and items used in ancestor worship. Praise the Lord!

Both Mr. and Mrs. Tu accepted Jesus Christ not because they studied the Bible many times or knew a lot about him. They experienced Jesus in a real way and they know that he is the only true God.

*Names have been changed. 

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Banner photo by Yux Xiang