As part of the 10/10 Prayer Initiative, 180 agencies have come together to ask God to draw to himself 10 percent of the world’s Muslims in the next 10 years. 10/10. Easy to remember, yet such an amazingly big task that only God can do it. Will you consider joining us? As you pray, please know that you are joining other Christians worldwide who also are committed to crying out to God for fruit from the Muslim world.

What comes to your mind when you think about reaching out to Muslims? Do you wonder about where even to begin a conversation? In recent years, many believers have taken the approach of keeping their faith low key, slowly getting to know Muslims and building trust, then later sharing their faith from the context of that developing relationship.

One group working in the Middle East decided to do the exact opposite. They prayerfully realized that the situation in their country was just perfect for being more open. Instead of being initially quiet about their faith, they started going out into the streets, drawing a crowd and sharing Jesus! 

They were creative (literally) in how they went about this. They invited artistically gifted believers for short-term visits. Some of the folks had musical talent, so they formed a band and gave concerts. In the middle of the concert, one of the band members would share a testimony. Other short-term visitors included artists who could quickly sketch out a drawing or make pictures on a wall or on the sidewalk. Jugglers and other performers (dancers, mimes, puppeteers, even unicyclists!) amazed the people with various tricks and shows. During each performance, the short-term visitors would either find a way to tell their testimony or invite someone on the long-term team to share.

In most instances, the presentations were well-received. When the performers weren’t welcomed, they didn’t stay long. In many places, the local people almost begged them to return the next night so that they could invite family and friends to hear and see this amazing show. Of course, that meant they would hear another testimony!

Over the past 10 years, this group has performed in schools and plazas, on street corners and the like. The response has been so positive that they have taken the show on the road and traveled to other countries in the region.

Though there are many Muslim countries where this approach would not work, in this particular country it does. It seems that people the world over respond to the arts – especially music, as it touches deep into their hearts.  

So as long as the door remains open, the show must go on! To make this happen, new people are needed to come perform and share their stories of God at work in their lives. If you are gifted musically or in another performance art (really gifted, not just someone who “sings well in the shower” 🙂), please contact a missions coach, or click here to learn more


Prayer requests for this Middle East street ministry

  • For continued invitations and the necessary visas to give performances.
  • For gifted artists to come join this thriving ministry.
  • For hearts that have been touched by this music to realize that the Lord and giver of life is the chief musician.
  • For faithful patience and the planting of many seeds of the Good News in the hearts and minds of the many contacts and friendships that are being made, and that in his timing, fruit would come forth in abundance!


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