At SEND, we are eager to send out workers to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission. Our teams are working hard, but the opportunities are vast and they need help. Billions of people remain unreached because no one has told them about this God-man Jesus, who died on the cross and rose again to free them (and us) from sin.

Be Disciples. Make Disciples.In short, we want to make disciples.

But first things first: We want to BE disciples. We must SEND disciples. SEND seeks to ensure that every member of our community is a growing disciple of Christ by encouraging genuine and ongoing relationships with Jesus.

In this new video, SEND’s Canadian Director Rob “Mags” Magwood spells out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus — and presents some questions that would be great to meditate on as you consider the death and resurrection of Christ this weekend. It’s just four minutes, but it will keep you thinking for a good, long while. 

May you have a joyful season of celebrating the Risen Jesus: The one who calls you to lay down your life so that you can live life abundantly.


Banner photo: Reminders of the cross are everywhere, if you’re looking for them — including in the shadows on the side of a Polish apartment building. Photo by April McDonald, SEND missionary in Poland.


Be disciples. Make disciples. Let’s do both, together. 

  • SEND offers more than 200 opportunities to make disciples around the world. Explore them here. 
  • You can use this set of resources and stories to grow in your own discipleship and to disciple others, whether at home or overseas.
  • Sign up for On Mission, SEND’s monthly guide for people who want to become missionaries. Subscribe here, and as a welcome gift, you will receive a free download of a world map that highlights today’s unreached people groups. Together, we can bring them Good News. We can’t wait to join you on the journey!
  • SEND International’s internship programs include both practical outreach and personal growth through discipling relationships. We offer discipleship-focused internships in East Asia, Croatia, Japan, Ukraine, Southeast Asia, Spain, Macedonia and New York City. Find one that suits your interests.