SEND International’s mission is to mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches. For the past few months, on our various media platforms, we’ve explored the concept of “unreached” — who are they, why are they key to our ministry efforts, and how do we engage them? Here are the stories, podcast episodes and videos in this series, in case you missed one (or for easy future reference). 

A new video

The SEND Canada Office presents, “Why Travel So Far to Engage the Unreached?”

THUMB — an easy way to pray

This simple acronym can remind you (or your Sunday School class or your whole congregation) to pray for the Unreached. (Click to download the graphic or to make it larger.)

No matter where you are, your five fingers can remind you to pray the world's five major unreached people groups.

Ideas for getting involved 

Articles about engaging the unreached

Stories from the field

Podcast episodes

  • Unreached People Groups: The Facts — Duane Frasier from the Joshua Project helps us understand who we mean when we talk about unreached people groups, where they’re located and how we can use the ‘Unreached of the Day’ to lift them up in prayer each day.
  • Unreached People Groups: The Faces — David Joannes, founder of Within Reach Global, helps put flesh and faces on the many statistics we hear about unreached people groups – he helps us to see them not just as a statistic but as individuals made in the image of God.