SEND’s US Office workers pour our energy into introducing new missionaries to SEND, equipping them for ministry, supporting them along their journey to the mission field, and serving them once they’ve arrived.

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This process — from connecting a new missionary with SEND to serving entire teams of missionaries on the field — was the focus of our annual bite-size giving brochure. You might have seen it in your mailbox, and if you haven’t, you can read all the stories here.

But I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret: We had so many stories to tell that one got left out.

It’s the story of Kathleen*, who lives among two unreached people groups in a secure location, and I was sad that it got cut because her experience captured what I’ve found to be truly wonderful about SEND International: We’re more than just co-laborers. We’re friends. Sometimes, such close friends that we start to feel like family. We rejoice together; we mourn together. We cook meals for each other and pray together and sometimes even go to the doctor together. (We had one teammate in Ukraine whom I jokingly called our ambulance driver, because whenever one of my kids needed stitches or a quick trip to the doctor, I called him for a ride.)

But enough about me … let’s rescue Kathleen’s story from the cutting-room floor.

Kathleen arrived on the field a year ago, after spending two years in the support-raising process. SEND mobilizers Tim and Meaghan didn’t just make initial contact with Kathleen — the Hartmanns stood with her throughout that journey. Kathleen says:

Tim and Meaghan were so much more than just my mobilizers. They have become dear friends. Their care and support has been and continues to be a huge blessing. They have celebrated with me and cheered me on in the good days and they have listened and encouraged me on the more challenging days.

Before I left for the field, Tim and Meaghan really went the extra mile by visiting my church. Their visit was so important. It helped the congregation understand that they weren’t sending me off on my own to the field, but that I am cared for and supported by SEND. The church as a whole, as well as individuals within it, grew more confident in sending me because of Tim and Meaghan’s visit.

I happened to have breakfast with Tim and Meaghan soon after they sent Kathleen to the field, and Meaghan had tears in her eyes as she told me about her friend. She was so excited for Kathleen and for the amazing ministry that she will have going forward — but it’s always hard to say goodbye to family.

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