Editor’s note: The few believers among an unreached people group in Russia are experiencing great distress as their families try, by any means possible, to convince them to reject their faith in Christ. One of our workers there wrote this psalm of lament for these sisters. 

O Lord, You are near the brokenhearted

Sovereign Lord!

The darkness is threatening to overtake your people, 

Squashing hope,

Ripping hearts to pieces!

So much brokenness, 

Seemingly beyond repair.

Out of reach for help, healing, and the possibility to know you — the Light. 

O how my heart cries out to You! My sisters cry to you!

For in You — You alone is Hope! You are God. 

There is no other.

You are the One who Moves mountains, parts seas,

And calms the sea by a word. And with a touch you heal. 

You are able,

Nothing is too hard for You. 

You are Almighty God!

O Lord! Close the mouths

Of those who mock and

Threaten your people,

And scheme evil.

Rescue the brokenhearted!

The one in ashes and in complete darkness without hope.

Convict and transform

The one so unfaithful

The ones against You.

Transform lives by your

mercy and grace. 

O Lord! You are the Faithful One! In You there is no darkness.

Though the waves of life threaten to swallow all up, 

In utter blackness

There is Light.

For you have not left us.

You are with me.

You are with your people.

You are working out

your eternal plan.

You are full of tender mercies, everlasting love,

In You is all we need. 

Thank you for the truth of who you are. 

Sovereign Lord, 

Precious Savior, 

Good Shepherd,

Light of the World,

Prince of Peace.

May Your name be lifted on high and You be glorified 

Among all peoples!