Drumroll please … announcing this year’s winners of SEND’s annual photo contest! We loved how these three photographs capture the uniqueness of God’s creation and of the people who dwell in it. Scroll down to see the winners, and click here to see 2017’s honorable mentions. 

First place: ‘Friendly family,’ by John, East Asia

John and his wife, Genevieve,* lead a team focused on initiating a disciple making movement among Muslim college students. 

“One of the things that I enjoy most about my role is having the opportunity to visit our students’ families and their hometowns during summer and winter holidays. This photo was taken on one of those trips. After taking two flights and driving nearly 10 hours up into the mountains, we finally arrived at a small town seated on a large grassland below mountains towering over 20,000 feet. Itching to walk around after traveling for so long, I took a stroll out into the grasslands to explore. I came across a Tajik grandmother walking with her two grandchildren and was immediately drawn to their beautiful smiles and friendliness. After speaking with them for a few moments, I asked if I could take their picture. This image is one of my favorites because for me it captures the warmth and friendliness of the Muslim peoples in our country.”


Second place: ‘The lost city,’ by Doug Harder, Myanmar

Doug serves as the ministry director for SEND’s team in Thailand. He and his wife, Lynn, have been in Thailand for less than two years, but with SEND for 29 years. They also have served in the Philippines and in Europe. Doug took this photo in Lashio, Myanmar.  

“SEND has worked among the unreached Shan people group in North Thailand for six years now. But the heartland of the Shan for centuries has been the Shan State of eastern Myanmar. I finally had a chance to visit Lashio, nestled in the mountains of northern Myanmar, this past year. Up until recently no foreigner could live in this city, but the doors of this creative access country are tenuously opening. I took this photo when I was on the roof of my hotel one morning, praying for this lost city that desperately needs the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Third place: ‘Midnight sun,’ by Daniel Bühler, Canada 

Daniel has served in village ministry in Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, Canada for the past 10 years. Fewer than 800 people live in the village. He took this photo just outside his home. 

“On this summer day, bushfires caused the midnight sun to glow red, and I saw an opportunity to get this picture. Later I saw that my neighbor’s children had a little Canadian flag in my picture too, a great addition as Canada celebrated 150 years in 2017. I like to take pictures against the sun; it makes the plants shine and brings out great colours.”

* To protect their ministry, we have changed their names.


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