By a worker in Thailand — I was out jogging when an elderly man came up beside me on his bicycle and asked what I was doing in Thailand. When I told him I was a Christian, his face lit up. He told me that he had been reading the Bible for a long time and had many questions.

We spent the next 40 minutes standing on the side of a small road talking about many things that were confusing to him. It was quite a disjointed conversation, to say the least. When we parted, there remained much left to discuss.

Because our schedules are not very interconnected, my new friend and I decided that we would leave questions and answers for each other at the main gate of our subdivision. And so we started writing back and forth.

He has been very interested in many topics, especially the Trinity and how Jesus could be a man and also God at the same time. He relates the Trinity to the three-in-one coffees that are popular here: Each is different — coffee, creamer, sugar — and yet they are all one cup of coffee.

He also seems to believe that Buddhism and Christianity are really the same. He wrote: “Jewish people worship God the Father, while Christians worship the Son, and Buddhists worship God the Spirit. All-3-in-One religion for one being is inside another being.”

At his request, we’re corresponding in English, so I have had to jump into high gear in order to accurately respond in a simplified form that he will be able to understand. I also gave him a Thai Bible that was published in 2015 so it is much easier for most Thais to understand. He has been devouring the book!

We see the Holy Spirit at work in this relationship. After we first met, I remember jogging away regretting that I hadn’t suggested that he read John’s Gospel. In his writings, he thanks me for suggesting that he read the book of John. I can only believe that this was the Holy Spirit speaking into his life. My friend has also been seeking out others in the expat community to speak into his life — and they all are believers as well.

We have been praying for the area surrounding our home for four long years, and now we see breakthroughs that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit. So please pray for fruit from this unusual opportunity to share God’s truth.

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