More than 50 million immigrants live in the United States and Canada, many of them representing people groups that remain unreached with the gospel. In response to this opportunity, SEND has launched a new outreach: Diaspora | North America. At this point, SEND missionaries work with Japanese in the Seattle area, with refugees and immigrants in the southern U.S., and with representatives of various unreached groups in New York City. With such a vast number of immigrants from so many diverse cultures, we recognize that the opportunities go far beyond these three places. As you read over this graphic from Global Mapping International, we hope it will help you consider: Who are the people God’s placed in your specific neighborhood?   



Ideas for getting involved

Read & pray: As you read the Scriptures, notice God’s heart for the foreigner, and ask him to help you show that same concern for your neighbor. Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to connect and wisdom about how to build a true friendship

Do something: GMI suggests, “Consider what you might do to bless a new neighbor from another country. Research what hospitality looks like in their country and then ask God to give you a plan for how you can connect with them in an appropriate and helpful way.” Know that concepts like “friendship” can vary from culture to culture, so inform yourself in order to avoid offense.     

Don’t go it alone: Look for others in your church who also want to connect with unreached peoples in your community. Work together as the body of Christ to meet practical needs and to share Jesus’ love.

Get moving: SEND’s Diaspora — North America ministry is recruiting for two of its four locations, with more opportunities to come in the future. Click here to find a ministry role that fits you.

Learn more: Click here to explore the resources that SEND has compiled for interacting with diaspora peoples.

Notes on the data in this graphic:

“Exit rate” formula.  (Total migrant stock x % non-evangelical)  /  country population = exit rate.

Sources: Migrant stock – “Trends in International Migrant Stock: Migrants by Destination and Origin 2013,” UN Population Division. (“Migrant Stock” is the term used by the UN and other sources to describe the combined total of migrant workers, immigrants, and refugees.)
Percent evangelical – Operation World 2010.
Population – “World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision,” UN Population Division.

Only countries less than 3% evangelical were included. Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Georgia all qualify and had slightly higher exit rates than Somalia, but this graphic emphasizes countries with less Christian history or presence.

These figures are based on exit percentages of country population, not people counts. The actual “new neighbor” we may meet is much more likely to be Chinese or Indian than Palestinian, even though Palestinians show as having the highest “exit rate”.

Find more notes on the data behind this graphic here.