Podcast noun \ˈpäd-ˌkast\ — A program made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. The Global Missions Podcast features fascinating interviews that cover all aspects of world missions. You can click the links below to listen to the Global Missions Podcast through your web browser, or search for it on your phone or tablet’s podcast app. 


Episode 11: “How Can We Support Missionary Kids?” 

Paul Dyck grew up as a missionary kid and leads the Canadian Missionary Kid Network. He delves into some of the misconceptions regarding missionary kids, talks about the challenges they might face when they spend time in their passport culture and celebrates the unique benefits of growing up in a different culture. “MKs have a beautiful view of the world,” he says. “They see the world in the brilliant color that it is.” Listen to the interview. 


Episode 45: “Caring for Missionary Families as They Engage in Transition” 

Becky Matchullis grew up as a missionary kids and works for Outreach Canada as a missionary family resilience coach. She discusses the four stages that missionary families are likely to go through as they face change and explores the particular challenges of going through transition yourself while also helping your kids transition. “Most families, when given time and support, have absolutely no problem going through a transition,” she says. “God does amazing things in us through transition.” Listen to the interview. 


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