‘Tis the season to prep for New Years gatherings! As you greet 2018, these four conversations from the Global Missions Podcast can help you grow in your own discipleship of Christ, prepare new missionaries from your congregation, or grow in your passion to make new disciples of Christ.

Podcasts are radio-like programs made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. The Global Missions Podcast features fascinating interviews that cover all aspects of world missions. You can click the links below to listen to the Global Missions Podcast, or search for it on your phone or tablet’s podcast app. 

062: How Your Church Can Identify New Mission Workers

I was intrigued by Paul Seger’s idea that missionaries should be considered as draftees and not volunteers. “Instead of waiting for us to maybe have a teen-ager raise their hand and say, ‘OK, I’ll volunteer to be a missionary,’ maybe the church could be more proactive in drafting some people.” He also discusses what characteristics churches should be looking for — or developing — in these new missionaries.


034: What is Contagious Disciple Making?

What a rich episode! Paul Watson explains the key characteristics of a disciple maker — advocacy, generosity and love. “There are a lot of organizations that will take care of the social needs of people, but for whatever reason will hold back from being very intentional in sharing the love of Christ. I ran a homeless shelter and recovery center in Portland … so I understand social justice and the need for it. However there’s a burden for me that if all we do is feed people and clothe them and shelter them and get them clean and sober, but we do not share the love of Christ, that is not love. Love is helping them understand that there’s a God who has a purpose for their life and he loves them enough to die for them.” He also talks about the difference between sharing the gospel and sharing our Christian culture and bringing clarity to the term “disciple-making movements.” 


019: How Can I Know God’s Will for Me?

Dr. Rick Reed delves into the often confusing idea of determining God’s will for our lives. Prayer, scripture and people all play a role. “We often say, ‘Lord, give me the dramatic thing. Do the spiritual pyrotechnics.’ Sometimes he does, but that’s fairly rare, even in the book of Acts. What is most common is that by his Spirit, he develops in his people a wisdom that is saturated with Scripture, that is based on his character, and then he guides them to make decisions that lead them forward on the mission.” He also corrects some common misunderstandings about God’s will. (Hint: Being in God’s will doesn’t mean the path will always feel straight and easy.) This would be a great episode to share with someone in your congregation who you think could serve cross-culturally, but who lacks certainty — or, really, anyone facing a big life decision!


049: Sabbath Rest in Missions – Helping our Workers Avoid Burnout

Though this conversation does talk briefly about how finding space for Sabbath rest can be particularly hard for missionaries, the episode primarily is a deep dive into the value of Sabbath for all of God’s followers, no matter where they live or what they do for a living. Our Christmas season was incredibly busy, with a move and a car accident and a new job added to the typical extra to-dos that come with the holidays. As the New Year approaches, I appreciated this inspiration to develop a Sabbath heart that trusts God to run his universe — and the practical tips for cultivating this spiritual practice.


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