In the early days of each new year, SEND prays. Throughout January, each SEND team sets aside time to gather and ask the Lord for his guidance in the months ahead.

We pray for each of SEND’s other fields, for co-laborers we may never meet but who share our focus on engaging the unreached and establishing reproducing churches.

We pray for appointees on the verge of leaving their loved ones to step into cross-cultural ministry; we pray for workers who have served so long and so well that “going home” to their sending countries feels like cross-cultural immersion.

We pray for ministries just starting and for ministries drawing to a close, for the joy of people growing deep in Christ and for the joy to come as unreached people are introduced to him.

Prayer provides a practical and powerful way for every believer to participate in the global movement of Jesus followers making disciples among the unreached. This year, we invite you to join us in our concentrated time of prayer. As a guide, this week and next we will share area-by-area requests for 2017. Please join us in lifting them up, this month and in the months to come.


  • Pray for our church-planting teams to see fruit of their hard work in loving, serving and engaging unreached peoples.
  • May God offer open doors and good ministry platforms and business opportunities for our members while they apply for visas/licenses/permits/facilities with different government offices.
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  • Pray that, as preparations are being made for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the games will offer an opportunity for Christians to mobilize, be united and share the gospel with the nations.
  • Pray for the three units who arrived in 2016 and for the four we expect in 2017. Ask God to grant each person a smooth transition to a new language and culture.
  • Lift up the new ministry initiatives in the Tokyo area, including a renewed push for church planting called Engage Kanto. Ask God for five new plant/replant locations in the greater metro area. Pray for the anticipated launch of the Tokyo D House, following the start-up of the Tohoku D House program in 2014.
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  • Pray for God to send more workers to establish reproducing fellowships of Christ worshippers among the Vision 119 communities. We hope to see 60 churches in these areas by 2029.
  • Ask God to bless us with good implementation of the Connect and Pray program, and pray that members will be able to use and apply this approach in their respective contexts.
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  • Our team in the Shan village has befriended the local fortune-teller, whom 95 percent of the villagers consult to have their futures revealed. Our teammates now meet with her weekly for cultural learning and the mutual sharing of stories. Pray that she would discover the power of Jesus’ name and become a women of peace for the entire village.
  • Pray for the student ministries in Thailand. In one city, we are on a team of conversational English teachers who interact each day with university students at one of the top schools in the nation. In another city, pharmacy students come to the new student center to play games, sing and interact with our team until the wee hours on the weekends. Pray that many students would come to know the Wisdom of God in the person of the Messiah.
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    Much of SEND North’s outreach takes place in remote villages, but pray also for a new focus on urban areas.

SEND North

  • Pray that our workers’ relationships with friends and co-workers will deepen into discipleship relationships. We want to see those discipled become multiplying disciples, forming the seed of new or rejuvenated churches in their communities. Ask God to use personal discipleship to develop regional church leaders in all the villages where we live and work.
  • Our field includes 37 missionary kids. Ask God to use the blessings and challenges of growing up in a Northern village to help them grow in faith. Pray that God would keep all our MKs safe from the unique set of temptations and dangers facing young people in Northern villages. Pray that they would contribute to family unity and serve God as full members of the team. 
  • Pray as we develop urban (yes urban!) ministries on our field. Pray for wisdom in discovering SEND’s role in reaching Northern cities like Anchorage, Kodiak and Whitehorse, which we are discovering to be surprisingly multicultural. We have significant work among Filipinos in Kodiak, and we are exploring partnerships with Korean pastors in Anchorage. Pray for wisdom in knowing which additional people group or groups the Lord would have us work with.
  • Dr. Eileen Starr has had several opportunities to bring the Practical Positive Parenting workshops she developed into two of Alaska’s largest prisons. Pray that the lives of parents and children would be transformed. Pray for leaders who could bring the workshops into new communities, and pray for a couple who are considering taking on the director role.
  • Ask God to raise up Canadian families to respond to the spiritual needs in communities along the famous Northwest Passage. As the passage develops as a corridor for shipping, these communities will probably grow.
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Diaspora — North America

  • Pray for T.E. as he works with SEND’s International Office to build the structure of this emerging field of ministry. Pray for the formation of a leadership team to help make decisions concerning finances, policies, member care and so on.
  • Our workers in Georgia have many more ministry opportunities than they can possibly accept, so pray for new people to join this ministry to Africans, South Asians and Southeast Asians.
  • Pray for a successful relaunch of our ministry to Japanese people in the Seattle, Wash., area.
  • Over the past six months, a loose network of believers has been working with Muslim refugees in Detroit, Mich. Pray that God would help us discern whether SEND should place a full-time team in Detroit.
  • In New York City, we partner with International Project, which has ministries in ethnic communities, among international university students and among diplomats at the United Nations. The harvest is plentiful among the 52 unreached people groups in the city, but the workers are truly few. Pray that God would raise up many workers through SEND for this ministry.
  • Diaspora Ministry Coalition – This job is too big to do ourselves, so we have joined with three other agencies (International Project, World Team and TEAM) to start a coalition that will create diaspora ministry teams in three more U.S. cities. Pray for the coalition as we begin recruiting for these teams, and ask the Lord to provide us with good leaders for each of these sites. Pray also for wisdom for the three other organizations considering whether to join the coalition.
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    Ask God to provide for the Global Worker Initiative, a crucial element of SEND’s mission to engage the unreached.

International Office

  • Pray that every SEND missionary will deepen his or her walk with Jesus; that the gospel will be so real in our own lives that ministry is simply an overflow.
  • Pray that we would be bold in discipleship, pushing through temporary barriers and unleashing the power of the Spirit to see Christ formed in the lives of others.
  • Pray for sanctified ingenuity and Spirit-directed discernment for every SEND leader.
  • The Global Worker Initiative (GWI) is a vital part of our mission strategy. Through GWI, we stand with 22 workers in six countries — and we have many potential workers waiting in the wings. Pray as we seek funding in 2017 so the GWI can remain stable and grow with new members.
  • Pray for wisdom as the Women’s Ministry Team develops a mentoring tool, and pray for willing mentors who will step up to shepherd other women.
  • Pray for 20 more Muslim ministry workers to be raised up by the end of 2017.
  • Praise the Lord for his provision for a family launching a business as mission project in Spain and for 12 current tent-making units working with our Marketplace Development Enterprises division. Pray for effectiveness and connection with co-workers as these workers share the love of Christ in their workplaces.
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Come back next week to find requests from Eurasia, Europe and our four sending offices. And to keep up with what God is doing through SEND throughout the year, subscribe to this blog. 

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