God in on the move in Russia’s Ural Mountain region, where Team Unity has partnered with local believers to engage two unreached people groups with the gospel. 

By Slavic* on Team Unity — On Sunday mornings, I like to meet people at the church door. I always look forward to seeing how God will use me in that situation. That’s where I met Elena*, age 23, on her first visit to church. She stayed through the whole service and was gathering her things to leave as soon as it ended when I invited her to stay for tea.

While talking to Elena at a table in the church kitchen, it became obvious to me that she was demon possessed. Satan made her life really hard. She told me, however, that the physical pain one feels in the body cannot be compared to the deep pain of the soul. As our conversation was concluding, she realized that she needed a Savior, otherwise she would die.

I led Elena right upstairs, where the pastor was leading a meeting. When she approached the pulpit, Elena fell down and made strange sounds. Four brothers held her and prayed over her. When she became quiet, she prayed and invited Jesus into her life.

Praise the Lord! But there’s more …

While Elena and I were talking over tea, Andrei* was listening in. Andrei and I had just spoken about his need for salvation on Friday night. When I took Elena to the pulpit, Andrei stood in the balcony and watched the whole thing.

Andrei went home on Sunday in deep thought about our conversation and all he had seen. He called me and said he wanted to repent — and he followed up by attending a small group that night where he decided to accept Christ as his savior.

We don’t know how God is working in people’s hearts, but we are praising the Lord that he is delivering people out of the darkness into his light and that he allows you and me to be a part of this process. Please pray that Elena and Andrei will grow in love for Christ and his word and will be a good testimony to their relatives and friends.

* Names have been changed in the interest of privacy and security.


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