Looking for something interesting to listen to this weekend? The Global Missions Podcast offers three fascinating discussions about multicultural teams and the changing face of global missions.

Podcast noun \ˈpäd-ˌkast\ — A program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. You can listen to the Global Missions Podcast through your web browser, or search for it on your phone or tablet’s podcast app.

Episode 55: “What’s the Role of the North American Church in Global Mission?”

I listened to this episode while scrubbing the kitchen floor, and I enjoyed it so much that I went on to scour the sink and clean the stove so that I didn’t have to turn it off. Dr. Paul Borthwick, author of “Western Christians in Global Mission,” inspires and gently convicts the North American church to examine its role as global missions becomes more inclusive.

Inspiration: “I love to tell people that outside of the time that Jesus walked the earth, I think this is the most exciting time to be alive in Christian history. … It’s a grand shift of God at work, surprising us with who’s taking the gospel where.”

Conviction: “If we’re middle class North Americans, we can be generous without being sacrificial. In other words, we can give away lots of money, but we still have lots left over. One of the things that the global church wants from us is the willingness to walk with them, to be with them, to join them in the slums, to join them in the struggle, and take the risks that actually involve our lives and not just our money.”


Episode 23: “The Globalization of Missions: From Everywhere to Everywhere” 

In this episode, Don Parsons, SEND’s Director of Globalization, talks about how missions has shifted from “the West to the rest” to “from everywhere to everywhere.” He delves into the benefits and the challenges of globalization in missions and presents ideas on how churches in the West can partner with churches in the Majority World to engage the unreached. He reminds us: “The Great Commission is for everyone, not just those from the West.” 


Episode 20: “Doing Cross Cultural Partnerships Well”

Mary Lederleitner, author of “Cross Cultural Partnerships — Navigating the Complexities of Money and Mission” and a consultant for the Wycliffe Global Alliance, discusses best practices in cross cultural ministry partnerships and the importance of recognizing that cultural differences will likely come into play. In this episode, she offers practical steps for a church or missions committee to consider as they build healthy partnerships. 

Each of these episodes runs about 30 minutes, so in less than two hours, you can explore many aspects — strengths, challenges and practicalities — of how God is drawing people from his worldwide church to participate in his Great Commission. 


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