This article reminded us of the importance of keeping evangelism and discipleship closely connected, in order to make true disciples of Christ. Starting today, we will share a few stories of how that actually plays out in the communities where SEND ministers. Our first story started in an English class. The second started with an exorcism. Today’s gets going on the back of a scooter. 

Chang Mai is where the nations are. University students from all over come to attend Chang Mai University — one of the Thailand’s top schools.

Be disciples. Make disciples. Since that’s where the nations are, that’s where we are. Right across from campus, we help at The Center, where university students can play games, eat Thai food, and learn English in a friendly, nonformal environment.

One day, we tapped Caleb — a short-term missionary from Canada — to lead the conversational English class. A Thai student named Jojoe was in the class, and they struck up a friendship. Caleb and Jojoe would often go out for coffee and spicy Thai curry.

One day, Jojoe, perched on the back of a scooter, said, “Hey, Caleb, could you teach me the Bible?”

At least once a week they would go out for coffee and study the Gospels together. Jojoe was full of questions and his heart was open.

After a couple of months, Caleb brought Jojoe to a house church designed for students from CMU who want to explore the Christian faith. There, Jojoe started hearing the chronological stories from the Bible.

House church begins at 6 p.m. on Friday with dinner, and many students don’t go home until close to midnight. On one of those late Friday nights, Jojoe gave his life to Christ.

Within a few weeks, the house church had a baptism at a nearby lake. Jojoe was eager to take the plunge.

Now we continue the patient work of discipling Jojoe, who before he struck up a friendship with Caleb had never heard about the Christian faith and grew up in a Buddhist worldview.

Caleb taught Jojoe about Jesus, but Caleb learned a lot in Thailand, too. Read about his journey here. 


Be disciples. Make disciples. Let’s do both, together. 

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