By a former missionary to the Middle East — What amazing love God demonstrated for you and me and all the peoples of the Earth when Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave! Unfortunately, there are billions of people who do not know or understand the meaning of Easter and the glory of the cross. That is why we pray and fast, calling out for our Almighty God to raise up his people to share his Good News with those who have never heard.

With a population of 1.7 billion, Muslims are the largest group that is unreached with the gospel. SEND has joined the 10/10 prayer initiative, committing to fast and pray for the Muslim world on the first Friday of every month for the next decade. As you pray this Friday, or any day, ask God to bring 10 percent of the world’s Muslims to himself in the next 10 years. May 170 million Muslims know the joy and hope of Easter!
Recent research has brought to light that 86 percent of Muslims don’t have a Christian friend, or even know a Christian! This is largely true because the church worldwide has focused on other peoples and places to share the gospel. We are glad that others received a chance to hear the gospel, and now we want Muslims to get the same opportunity.  

Please pray for the ongoing work in Central Asia. SEND has workers who have studied hard to learn the languages and cultures in the Central Asian area where they serve, and we would love to see others join them in their ministries. There was an initial outpouring of the gospel in the 1990s as many people went to Central Asia after the Soviet Union collapsed, but almost all of those people are gone now. We need new people to replace them, and to pioneer outreach into new areas. The Joshua Project reports that the Caucasus region of Western Central Asia might be one of the most concentrated areas of Muslim unreached peoples in the whole world. Please ask the Lord to raise up workers from many nation to bring his message of hope to this region. 

Our workers in Central Asia report that life is many times difficult for new believers, so please pray for strength and grace for what each day brings. Ask God to help them boldly share their faith in a community that stands opposed. 

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