Eight in 10 Buddhists don’t know a Christian. They have no way to hear that their strivings can cease because Jesus offers the free gift of salvation through grace (not works) to all who believe. Some of you reading this might GO and share this Good News — and all of us can PRAY for a mighty movement of true peace to spread through Buddhist communities.

Please feel free to print and share this prayer guide. Tuck it in your Bible. Pass it out to your Sunday school class. Use it at your monthly prayer meeting. Print as many as you’d like — it’s our free gift to you so that Buddhists can receive the free gift of salvation.

Open full page Path to Peace prayer guide. 

Open half page Path to Peace prayer guide.

Don’t have a printer? We have 300 professionally printed copies to give away. Just fill out this form so that you can start praying for your Buddhist friends and neighbors and Buddhists around the world.


Path to Peace: Lighting the Way for Buddhists



Banner photo by Jed Adan