‘Tis the season for giving gifts! We hope you’ll love what we’ve found for you.

Over the years, SEND has developed a rich collection of missions-related resources — maps, prayer guides, Scripture readings, links to other helpful sites, debriefing questions, practical tools for developing church missions programs, and much, much more. But those resources have been scattered throughout our web site and difficult to find.

Not anymore.

We’ve KonMaried the resources section of send.org, keeping only the most practical items and reorganizing them with you in mind. Need to organize a missions-focused church event? Search “missions conference” for ideas to get you started. Maybe your missionary friends are back on home service and you’re wondering how you can meet their needs. A search for “missionary care” will pull up ideas. 

This week and next, we’ll take a closer look at the 10 categories, highlighting some of our favorite resources in each. We hope this gift will keep on giving as these content packages help you live out your (or your church’s) role in Jesus’ Great Commission.


Developing Church Missions

The Developing Church Missions package can help local churches develop or refine their missions programs and inspire their congregations toward global thinking. 

Perfect for:
  • People wanting to develop a brand-new missions program at their local church
  • Churches with existing missions programs that need to reexamine their strategy
  • Missions committees thinking through how to inspire the general congregation
  • Churches eager to develop new cross-cultural workers
  • Churches deciding whether and how to partner with external missions agencies
Some of our favorites

5 Steps Toward Global Engagement: Questions to ask and practical steps to take as you grow your missions program. 

Charting the Path for Future Global Workers: Simple steps for creating a process to recruit missionaries within your church. 

Reaching International Students: Nine compelling reasons local churches should reach out to the international students — plus four practical ways to start building bridges without leaving home. 


Exploring Missions

The Exploring Missions package provides a practical — and often inspirational — set of tools for determining a believer’s role in the Great Commission.

Perfect for:
  • People who suspect God might be nudging them toward cross-cultural missions
  • People who are certain they want to serve in missions, but aren’t sure how or where or with whom
  • People who once were interested in missions, but something (debt, health, fears) has derailed their plans
Some of our favorites


Missionary Care

The Missionary Care package covers many methods of support — financial, prayer, emotional and others.

Perfect for:
  • Anyone who loves a missionary
Some of our favorites


Missions at Home

The Missions at Home package highlights ways to be actively involved in cross-cultural work without moving overseas. 

Perfect for:
  • People who want to understand missions but don’t feel called to serve overseas
  • People who want to serve cross-culturally without leaving their home culture
Some of our favorites
  • Untapped Potential: 25 people, places and programs that could be directed into Great Commission work. 
  • Perspectives and Kairos: Links to two missions-education courses that SEND recommends. 


Missions Conference

The Missions Conference package highlights videos, maps and other materials useful for missions education.

Perfect for:
  • Committees or people who want to educate and inspire their congregations toward global missions
  • People looking for powerful verses, quotations, maps or videos that encourage participation in the Great Commission
Some of our favorites
  • Slices: “She had never heard the name of Jesus Christ, except as a curse word in a movie.” In a powerful video, International Director Warren Janzen talks about why SEND missionaries focus on reaching the unreached. 
  • Global Evangelism Maps: A colorful, continent-by-continent look at the number of unreached in our world. 
  • Great Missionary Quotes: Fifty fascinating and insightful quotations from missionaries past and present. 

Click here to find the next five missions-resource packages we’ve put together for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!