It’s always fun to get a late gift, so we’re back with another round of packages for you to use in your Great Commission efforts.

SEND’s web site includes a rich collection of missions resources — maps, prayer guides, Scripture, links to other helpful sites, debriefing questions, practical tools for developing church missions programs, and much, much more. We’ve repackaged those resources, organizing them in a way that, we hope, will make it easier for you to explore missions or inspire other believers toward global thinking.

Last week, we listed the first five categories, highlighting some of our favorite resources in each. This week, we present five new content packages you can use to care for your soul, thoughtfully participate in short-term trips and celebrate lives changed by Christ’s love all around the world.



“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.” — Samuel Zwemer, known as The Apostle to Islam. These resources help guide those prayers.

Perfect for:
  • People who want to intercede for missionaries and the unreached
  • People organizing prayer events
Some of our favorites


Short Term Missions

Short-term trips done right can change lives. These resources explore how to do them right.

Perfect for:
  • People thinking of taking a short-term trip
  • People who want to thoughtfully debrief their short-term trip
  • Churches that support the standards of excellence in short-term trips
Some of our favorites


Sunday School

Resources that bring missions education to Sunday morning.

Perfect for:
  • Churches that want to develop their congregation’s global focus through education
  • Sunday school leaders looking for videos and other resources to inspire their classes
Some of our favorites



Lives forever changed by Christ’s love. This resource set highlights what missions is all about.

Perfect for:
  • Anyone who wants to celebrate how Christ redeems and transforms lives
Some of our favorites


Training & Soul Care

SEND values lifelong training. These resources include some that our missionaries use to grow both professionally and spiritually — though most of them are not missions specific and could be helpful to anyone.

Perfect for:
  • People looking to grow, spiritually or in other areas of life
  • People who want to help missionaries reflect on their overall wellness
Some of our favorites
  • Individual Growth Plan: Our missionaries use this resource each year to reflect, set personal and ministry goals and create practical steps to meet those goals. 
  • SEND U: SEND International’s training and development department recognizes that that as Christ followers living in a world that is rapidly changing, we must keep learning while we are serving. SEND U offers training on everything from church planting to storytelling to personal growth. 
  • Adult and child wellness inventories: Resources to assess spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual wellness. 

And that’s not all. These gifts will grow as SEND continues to gather and produce resources, all with the aim of adding to the global movement of Jesus followers making disciples among the unreached. May God use these packages to draw people to missions and to himself in the coming years!