When the high schoolers at Okinawa Christian School International needed to create a short, animated video about some of Jesus’ miracles, they turned to SEND missionary Lisa Sorley’s fourth graders for help. The fourth graders drew the artwork; the high schoolers brought it to life. The high schoolers wrote the Bible-based script; the fourth graders read it in their sweet little voices. 

“I loved watching these big-brother/big-sister interactions, and my fourth graders were eagerly anticipating their drawings being brought to life,” said Lisa, who has taught at the school for 16 years. Okinawa Christian School International’s student body represents at least 10 countries, and about 75 percent of the children do not come from Christian backgrounds. The school’s mission is to equip students to walk with God and impact the world for him. 

“I’ve stressed to my students throughout this school year that God can use our gifts, talents, and passions for his glory,” Lisa said. “This project was one way the kids were able to experience this truth. What a blessing for our students to see talents of art, drama, and technology come together to share God’s Word!”