By a SEND global worker — As I walked though the mall window-shopping with Ghazala, I asked her what the Father had been teaching her. She started talking about how much he loved her and how we should be telling others about his love for them, too. She quoted at least five references from the Good Book by memory — and used them correctly in context! I was stunned.

Later that evening, I texted Ghazala to ask if she felt like she already was a new creation, like Galatians talks about. She didn’t respond.

Fast-forward two weeks. Ghazala got together with a few other foreigners living in the city for a serious question and answer time. Ghazala had been thinking about my query: Was she a new creation?

Ghazala had been thinking about my query: Was she a new creation?

This is a monumental question for Ghazala, who comes from an unreached people group of more than 10 million people — less than .01 percent of them Christian.

Ghazala told the group that she felt like the Father was knocking at her heart, and she wanted to open the door to let him in. First she wanted proof that it was really our Lord asking to come in, so the group prayed for her. She began praying for herself and proclaiming that the Father would one day use her in a mighty way to reach her people for Jesus Christ! It was incredible!

After about an hour of answering questions and talking about how faith is trusting in what we cannot see, Ghazala finally decided to fling open the door to her heart and welcome in Jesus.

This amazing harvest has been months in the making! Back when we strolled through the mall, I knew our Father had already changed Ghazala’s heart, mind, and spirit. It was just a matter of time before she realized this, too!

As Ghazala eagerly studies about Jesus, we await the day when the Lord answers her prayer and uses her in a mighty way to reach her people with his love.

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