By a SEND North family — According to tradition, after an elder dies in the Far North village where we serve, parents have their children carry fish tails. They believe elders take a child’s spirit with them after death, and the fish tail protects the child from being taken and dying.

Shortly after a death, the village kids were playing outside and one child said, “Oh no! I forgot my fish tail at home!”

The kids began scrounging around for twigs that they could pretend were fish tails, but our 8-year-old daughter said, “I don’t have to carry a fish tail because I trust in Jesus.”

Join us in thanking the Lord for our daughters and for their boldness in sharing Christ with their friends.


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‘We were so amazed’

By a SEND MK in Asia — As we dined on pasta and hamburgers, our house helper, Kate, leaned forward and said seriously, “You know, your sister’s requests have really impacted me and my friend, Kelly.”

Surprised, I asked, “Really? How?” After all, my sister’s only 4 years old!

Kate explained, “Every time before I started Chinese class with the kids, I would ask one of them to talk to the Father for us. When your sister would talk to the Father, she would ask that he would help us to read the Book every day and know him more and more. I thought, ‘Wow!’ So when I went back home, I told Kelly about what your sister had asked for. We both felt convicted that we had not been asking or reading the Book. So we decided to begin reading the Book and praying together every day.”

Kate went on, “Then recently, I heard your sister praying for China. She asked that the Father would change the people’s hearts and that they would not worship anything else. I told that to Kelly, too, and we were so amazed that this little girl was asking for our country and people to know him. We realized that we had not been asking the Father for that.”

She started tearing up and said, “So now Kelly and I have both started asking for the people in our country and our hometowns to come to know the Father.”

Wow.  Who would have thought that a 4-year-old’s requests could have encouraged two Chinese college girls in their walk with him?


Focus on third culture kids: As children in many parts of the world return to school, The Missions Blog will spend September exploring the unique ways third culture kids experience this world and how God uses missionary children to communicate his love.


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